Abuse is Never the Victim's Fault. Ever.

A victim is a person who has, while in a helpless state, been injured by the exploitation of another. Some victimization is verbal, some is physical, some is sexual, and in many awful cases, all of the above. All of these forms of abuse cause extreme damage to the character structure of a person who may battle distortions in their emotional, spiritual or cognitive elements of their lives. In each instance, however, three factors remain constant: helplessness, injury, and exploitation.


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  • Abuse is never ok, and when it happens, we often ask, “Why me? Why did this have to happen?” Dr. Henry Cloud tells us it’s never the victim's fault and that there are bad people who violated our boundaries and tried to take them from us. Dr. Cloud  walks us through the process of how our boundaries are violated, how we can recognize those patterns and what we can do to protect ourselves in the future.
  • What happens when you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation where harassment or abuse could be present? You have senses inside of you that tell you something is wrong. Learn how to identify those signals and  vocalize your concerns to prevent the uncomfortable behavior from going further.
  • Abuse isn’t always obvious. Sometimes it’s covert, psychological. If you’re a loving and responsible person, you may find yourself in a vulnerable situation where someone is inclined to take advantage of your kindness. Dr.  Cloud tells us how to be aware of those situations, and how to take back control of your boundaries.

    If you are in a situation where abuse is current or ongoing, please seek help of local law enforcement, a counselor and/or a trusted individual. 


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