Ok, let's be honest with ourselves. Holidays can be the best and the worst of times. Often there is a mixture of both. We get time with the people who give us the most meaning, fun and fulfillment, and we often “get to" spend time with some that can do the opposite. They can be difficult, or even painful to be around. Yet, for bigger reasons than our own wishes, we need to. Also, there can be activities that bring great fulfillment and some that don't. Again, we often find ourselves squeezed between competing wishes and priorities, ours and others. So, what to do? It is my hope that this free email course brings you peace this season.

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Lessons in this Course:

Using Boundaries to Alleviate Holiday Stress
Preparing for Grief Ahead of the Holidays
Setting Boundaries with Toxic Behaviors
Facing Depression During the Holidays
Coming Down from a Panic Attack
Setting Boundaries with Your Family

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Relationship problems don't usually just work themselves out. You have to take the right steps in the right order, and to do that, there are things you need to know. 

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