Toxic relationships leave you feeling like you’re “bad” in some way.

Trying to live and perform in unsafe relationships works against all of our internal systems of thriving. These relationships leave you feeling like, no matter what, you are not good enough. While this kind of connection might be overtly abusive, that’s not always the case. A toxic person might simply be someone who is highly critical. A boss with demanding expectations that can never be met. A friend who only points out the bad. A partner who is shaming or guilt-inducing. A co-worker who leaves you feeling, “I am not good enough.” We were not designed to do well when we’re in unsafe relationships, and the symptoms are debilitating. I would like to invite you to join me in Boundaries.Me, where you’ll get access to my private community where I’m leading discussions around topics like toxic people, and you’re surrounded by others who want to encourage and support you. Also, you’ll get unlimited access to my video library where I’ll provide you with the tools and resources to empower you to set boundaries and make decisions for creating healthy relationships that are fruitful to your life.


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