Stop the pain. Meet Your Boundaries Coach, Dr. Henry Cloud.

Start on a customized healing path composed of video courses,, assessments and tools designed to help you restore the most essential areas of your life.


Your problems don't have all the power. You do. 

Boundaries.Me lets you work alongside Dr. Henry Cloud in a learning path that caters to the most essential areas of life - your emotional needs, relationships and performance. Each path is designed for you to navigate at a pace that's the most comfortable for you. 

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"Good and Sound Counsel"

I'm so glad that I have found! Such quality and good and sound counsel. If you’ve had a hard time finding access to good counseling, this is the next best thing.

"Enhance Your Relationships" promotes personal growth and skills to live your best life - being the best version of yourself. It helps enhance your relationships and move through life with confidence to make wise decisions.

"Incredible Resource"

This is an incredible resource. As a Registered Provisional Psychologist, and mother of two ... the content  at Boundaries.Me has deeply enriched both my professional and parenting life.


Validate Your Feelings

You'll be equipped with a strong sense of how to set and uphold healthy boundaries. Dr. Henry Cloud teaches you how to say no without feeling guilt or shame, explains what consequences are appropriate, and empowers you to stand up for the core aspects of your needs.

Conquer Your Goals

Acquire the boundaries-based skills you need to become the kind of person who reaches their goals. Dr. Cloud guides you to overcome the common, but avoidable, roadblocks that can knock you off course. 

Improve Your Relationships

Learn how to grow and support the skills, behaviors and mindsets that will help you build your relationships into life-giving and life-sustaining sources. Dr. Cloud explains the patterns that are present in all relationships that thrive and tells you how you can work towards them. 


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When you join, you can join a private Facebook group where you'll be surrounded by community of peers who will understand, relate and empathize with you. Practice what you’ve learned, receive feedback and gain the confidence to apply boundaries to all areas of your life!


Pain doesn't have to be a way of life.

You’re not shaped by the string of events that simply happen to you, so take back control of your life and let Dr. Henry Cloud help you heal.