Have you ever wondered why some relationships seem to lead to growth and others to pain?

It would be nice if we could answer “no,” because that would mean we would have avoided a lot of pain in our lives. And it would also be nice if those realities did not even exist so that we did not have to think about them. But the truth is that relationships can have the power to save our lives, or the power to ruin them. When you become an unsafe person’s problem, you know that talking it out just doesn’t always help. In fact, you may be ignored or afraid you’ll be subjected to their retaliation. So, what do you do next? How do you ensure you’ve created a safe environment for yourself? Watch this video and scroll down for more.


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  • One will change their behavior when the pain of consequences becomes greater than the pain of changing. Consequences bring pain that motivates change. 
  • Consequences are a key point of boundaries. When we’ve asked someone not to come onto our property, what happens? You probably don’t open your front door, welcome them in and offer them something to drink. And if you do, well, we’ll work on that! Ideally, you want to have a structure in place that protects your property. And that’s how consequences play a role in setting boundaries.
  • Gaslighters talk you out of your experience, and in this course, Dr. Henry Cloud will focus on the importance of getting in touch with your senses. We were designed with the gifts of pain, fear and doubt, because each of these things tells you that something is wrong, and you need to take action. When you’re re-trained to understand what your feelings are telling you, you’ll take your power back by learning to validate your experience.
  • Hope is designed to give us more time, so that whatever we are hoping for can come to pass. But because that is what hope does for us - buys more time and spend it - it sometimes creates problems if we are not in touch with reality. In that case, it is hope that keeps us going down the road that has no realistic chance of being the right road or making what we want come to pass. In a false reality, hope is the worst quality you can have. Dr. Cloud reminds of of why it’s ok to create a necessary ending.

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