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"Connecting with others in my shoes has transformed my life." 

Led by best-selling author and Ph.D psychologist Henry Cloud, our private Facebook group is a beacon of support, care, and encouragement on your path to setting boundaries... and taking back your life.

Membership is just $9/mo. and includes access to Dr. Cloud's exclusive masterclass video library that teaches you how to set boundaries, today.

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I'm Ready to Break Free

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What exactly is Boundaries.me?

Have your boundaries been broken... again?

Maybe it was a family member, your spouse, or someone in your community...

The hurt and the anger rise...

"Why do they keep doing this to me?" you ask yourself.

So many people go through these feelings alone. 

But with Boundaries.me, you are never alone again in your journey to set boundaries... and re-claim your life.

Now you are part of a community of so many others just like you.

Now you have a collection of Dr. Cloud's most potent advice to guide you.

The only question is - are you ready to break free?


I'm Ready to Break Free

"When we begin to set boundaries with people we love...

"... a really hard thing happens: they hurt.

"They may feel a hole where you used to plug up their aloneness, their disorganization, or their financial irresponsibility... 

"But, when you are dealing with someone who is hurting, remember that your boundaries are both necessary for you and helpful for them.

"If you have been enabling them to be irresponsible, your limit setting may nudge them toward responsibility."

- An excerpt by Dr. Henry Cloud, from "Boundaries"

Learning to Set Boundaries is a Journey. Let's Take it Together.

You can safely share with our community. You'll receive only wisdom, love, and guidance from others who have been in your shoes.

And of course you will have many opportunities to reciprocate and give back, helping others feel loved and supported as well.

Get Advice & Support, When You Need It.

Our members are all working together to set boundaries, and create more peaceful, loving lives.

That means many have faced the problems you are facing now... and have gotten through them.

We'd love to offer our wisdom and advice, and hear yours.

Give Back. Share Your Wisdom & Support With Others, Too.

It feels good to help others. Especially when they have gone out of their way to help you.

In our community, you will have many opportunities to share your wisdom whenever you are called to share it.

There is no pressure, but the reward of giving is there should you choose to pursue it.

Connect with others who get what you're going through.

The most difficult part in setting boundaries is feeling alone. The people you set boundaries with may push back, or not respect your boundaries.

Now you have an entire community who truly understands what you are going through. That alone may give you the courage & strength you need to get through this.

Our Community is Inclusive of All

We love and respect all races, genders, religions, and everything in-between. Whoever you are, if you need help setting boundaries, this is your home.

More Than Anything, It's a Loving, Safe Space.

Here's what a few of our wonderful members had to say. All names are removed to preserve privacy and safe space.

" I am especially learning to say “no” to expectations I don’t have the wherewithal to meet"


"Learning about Boundaries, applying them, respecting them and defending them has brought a level of peace and maturity into my life, my kid’s lives, my marriage and all the relationships around me."


"“Boundaries” were the missing puzzle piece in my life."


"It’s also given me permission and inspiration to take care of myself."



"Now I am learning to listen and pray for others but not interfere in their lives."


"I love boundaries.me. I’m on a limited income, yet this is one of the greatest investments I have ever made."


"... one thing I have learned is that unsafe people will always see my “no” as mean no matter how nice I try to say it and safe people will always tell me thanks for the honesty"


"Before "Boundaries" I was a ghost of who I am today."


"... being authentic, yet clear and firm helped my husband to “get me” and respect me."


"I now have confidence connecting with others because of what I've learned"


"Before Boundaries.me, I'd been so reduced and silenced by the narcissists who surrounded me that my heart would race and my mind go blank when I was asked "How are you?"


"I've had nothing but blessings in life with many people around me to support me."


"I often engage in reflection so I think I am slowing "metabolizing" things and taking steps for self-care and in setting better boundaries."


"It made me have to realize the common denominator: ME."


"My life was feeling unmanageable. Love these tools! Life's getting better!!"


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Included: Dr. Cloud's Masterclass Video Library on Setting Boundaries

Dr. Cloud is considered the foremost expert on setting boundaries. Access to the community also gives you access to his best advice on the subject. Every course contains multiple videos, lessons, exercises, and more. And of course, you're invited to share your thoughts, wisdom, and experiences with the community.

Our growing library of videos & courses help you set boundaries with the following...

Join the Boundaries.me Community Now For Only $9 / mo.

Join now and get instant access to everything: The courses, videos, and Private Facebook Support Community. Membership is always a choice. Cancel anytime.

"What exactly is Boundaries.me?"

A unique online support community for those whose well-being depends on them setting boundaries with people who are hurting you. It also includes access to Dr. Cloud's ever-growing library of videos & courses about setting boundaries.

"Who is Dr. Henry Cloud?"

For decades, Dr. Cloud has written books, given speeches, and worked privately with those who are struggling with boundaries. His best-selling book, "Boundaries," has reached millions of lives, and transformed just as many. Dr. Cloud is our community leader and friend.

"What all is included in my membership?"

Access to the Facebook Private Support Community where our 1,000+ members lovingly share and receive advice, support, and wisdom. Access to the exclusive video / course library where Dr. Cloud and his colleagues share insights only for the Boundaries.me community.

"How much does Boundaries.me cost?"

We wanted to ensure that we could make Boundaries.me accessible to as many people as possible. To that end, membership is only $9 / mo. for access to 1,000+ loving individuals who are here for you, and you for them, as well as the ever-growing course / video library from Dr. Cloud. Membership costs help us grow & moderate the community as well as pay for advertising to reach even more people in need.

"How does the community approve new members? Is anyone ever turned away?"

We believe in giving people a chance. There are no requirements to join. Boundaries.me is open to all. With that said, on rare occasion, we have had members who did not contribute to safe space, but instead, harmed it. We asked those members to leave in order to preserve our community & safe space.

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