You don't have to stay stuck living with someone else's consequences.


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Dr. Henry Cloud wants you to know that this workshop is for you if:

  • You have misplaced feelings of care with someone who has been unwilling to change.
  • You find yourself having to deal with someone else's consequences all the time.
  • You're constantly bailing someone out.
  • You're constantly making excuses for their behavior.
  • You can't work on your own life because you're working on theirs.
  • You want to have healthy relationships with boundaries that protect your time, energy, love, finances, and trust.
  • You want to stop enabling their bad behavior.
  • You want to recover from the years of stress that living with someone else's consequences has put you through.
Claim your spot - Break Free from Codependency

We know that codependent people often find themselves in this situation because they are caring, loving, generous people...


But you have to recognize that sometimes our feelings of care can be misplaced.

When we have difficulty setting boundaries in codependent relationships it is often because we are afraid that we will lose something that we need: love, approval, relationship, or something else.

We were created to live our own lives, with our own choices, our own priorities, our own wants and cares, and our own consequences.

The other person won't learn the lessons they need to learn if you keep bailing them out.

They won't grow and thrive and change until you stop enabling their bad behavior, and neither will you. The relationship doesn't always have to end, but it does have to change. Let Dr. Cloud show you how.

During this workshop I will give you the tools to overcome your codependent traits and win your freedom back so that you can live the life you were designed to live.

I will teach you to recognize when it goes wrong, and show you how to get back on track.

Being a loving and caring person requires boundaries so that each person in a relationship has the freedom to grow and learn from their own positive and negative consequences.

Join us and we'll help you make this right.

“I love these workshops! Dr. Cloud takes the time to break down research that’s current and relevant to each topic, and I always walk away with something that will be transformative to my life! His insight and wisdom are worth their weight in gold!”

— Boundaries.Me PLUS Member 

Who is Dr. Henry Cloud?

Dr. Cloud is a Clinical Psychologist and New York Times best-selling author. His 45 books, including the iconic Boundaries, Changes that Heal, How People Grow, The Secret Things of God and 12 "Christian" Beliefs That Can Drive You Crazy have sold over 20 million copies worldwide. Throughout his storied career as a clinician, he created breakthrough new models rooted in research, and has been a leading voice on issues of mental health on a global scale.

"The value of these workshops is priceless. They are worth every penny you charge and 100 times more!" 

— Attendee Who’s Participated in 4 Workshops

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