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Millions of people have learned that Boundaries keep relationships strong and healthy. This is how things should be, but it's often not how they are. Now you can learn how to apply Boundaries to every area of your life, and make Boundaries a daily practice.

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SIMPLE. EASY. $9 PER MONTH. is an affordable monthly subscription that gives you access to a growing library of videos and tools to help you set boundaries in every area of your life. Each month, you'll be given access to a new set of videos focusing on a key area of life (such as Boundaries with Yourself, Relationships, Trust, Safe and Unsafe People and much more).


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In addition to the videos, you'll get access to bonus content and tools to help you think, strategize and set the boundaries that will help you let the good stuff in and keep the bad stuff out.

Lastly, you'll have access to videos and bonus content from other experts on topics related to Boundaries to help you improve in the areas of life that matter most.

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On the first Friday of every month, you'll gain access to a new set of videos in which Henry walks you through the steps of setting Boundaries in a key area of your life. Each video is simple and to the point. With Henry's guidance, you can heal what is hurt and fix what is broken. Additionally, you'll receive bonus videos and content with other experts in areas related to Boundaries.


Every month, new content arrives in an easy to follow plan. As you watch the videos, complete the journal-based workbooks and thinking tools, and listen to the audio stories, you'll gain a deeper understanding of what healthy boundaries look like in that area of life. Having a structure to shape your thoughts and actions will make it much easier to realize necessary changes.


Having the devoted support of a community will keep you safe and make you stronger. Each month's content will be discussed in private online group meetings led by Henry and his team, with special sessions led by guest experts in fields related to Boundaries. Plus you'll participate in conversations with people just like you, sharing experiences from their own Boundaries journey.

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"Boundaries let the good in, and keep the bad out."

Dr. Henry Cloud

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