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Our workshops are 2 hour deep dives into a topic. With Henry's guidance you can make huge strides in a crucial area of life. The videos and Henry's extensive outlines will help you move forward.

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Don't pay the consequences for their mistakes. Gain your life back with our most recent workshop on codependency.



Codependency will rob you of your freedom, your independence, and the very fabric of your individual life. Codependent relationships are dangerous and unsustainable, and in this live workshop, Dr. Henry Cloud will teach you how to set protective, loving boundaries against codependency.

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Want to know how to make your goals happen?

The Path: The Skills to Accomplish Any Goal

There is an order and structure to the way that things happen. When you don't reach your goals, or your performance dips below what you want for yourself, it is often not because you don't want it bad enough, or because it simply isn't meant to happen for you. It is because you are not going about it in the right way. The Path will teach you the way to make nearly anything happen, from losing 100 pounds, to changing careers, to buying a house, to healing that relationship that's been causing problems, to planning that big trip you've always wanted to take.

The Path is a toolkit that you will have with you for the rest of your life.

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The Art of Confrontation

You don't have to fear tough conversations and situations that require you to face aggressive and difficult people. Dr. Henry Cloud will show you how to gain or reclaim the power, confidence and security you need to be good at confrontations. Confrontations don't have to be negative, and you don't need to be afraid of these significant moments. All you need is a little bit of guidance to do confrontations well.

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Can I Trust You?

Without trust, there can be no relationship. In this workshop, Dr. Cloud will help you understand when to trust, and when to pull back; how to rebuild trust when it has been broken; and how to set standards and requirements that will create the conditions for open and honest communication. You don't have to tolerate deceitful behavior. If you've been hurt before, and need to work on rebuilding your trust muscle, this workshop is for you.

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Crush Your 2022

In this 2-hour workshop, Dr. Henry Cloud explains the research-backed process for keeping your New Year's Resolutions. You’ll learn how to avoid and correct common mistakes, apply the right strategies and structures, and fix and adapt when you face unexpected obstacles. Take this workshop and make this the year you reach the goals that you have set for yourself.

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How to Get a Date Worth Keeping

There are two key problems in dating–not getting enough dates and not getting a date worth keeping. Dr. Cloud addresses common dating issues and presents a formula for getting to know yourself, your date, and experiencing a fun dating life. You don't have to deal with not knowing how to find a date or whether to keep seeing someone anymore. Let Dr. Cloud walk you through this easy-to-follow path to having a more enjoyable and fulfilling dating life. Make dating fun again (or for the first time)!

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The Marriage Equation

Dr. Cloud will guide you to put in place the structures that will shape your marriage into something that grows healthier and more loving over time. Whether you're the type of couple who simply likes to invest in growth, or you're in a bad place, Dr. Cloud can show you the best way to make marriage work. True love can be restored, intimacy can be regained and trust that was broken can be healed. This two workshop is practical and addresses both the ways of thinking, as well as the ways of doing which contribute to a strong marriage with a love that continues to grow.

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Mentally Healthy Faith

Dr. Cloud uses this two-hour workshop to discuss the parallel tracks of your development in both the spiritual arena, as well as your mental health. These two powerful shaping forces have the potential to provide a toolkit for healing and growth that will empower you as a person, give your life purpose and meaning, and help you build enduring relationships that improve your life. God designed us to live life a certain way, and the 'right' way to live happens to align perfectly with the science of psychology. Let Dr. Cloud show you how they can work together.

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NEW: Getting Over Trauma

In this informative and hopeful workshop, Dr. Cloud explains the mechanisms behind trauma and its after effects and gives you a solid path to healing. You can have your life back. You don't have to be defined by your trauma. These are science-supported strategies that will help you restore your relationships and begin to thaw the frozen emotions as you escape the sense of suffering you've been living with. This workshop is also useful for anyone who is in a relationship with someone who has suffered from the effects of trauma.

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Narcissism in Relationships

You don't have to allow narcissists to continue diminishing you, treating you like your feelings don't matter, or make you feel invisible. In this workshop, Dr. Cloud explains how to recognize narcissists, and how to respond to their attempts to control you, to use you, and to take your power away. Quit playing their mind games, and learn a better way to deal with these toxic dynamics. Your mental and emotional well-being depend on your having the skills and abilities required to navigate even the most difficult relationships.

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Overcoming Depression

Learn how to develop a plan for addressing your depression, and become empowered through techniques that will help you overcome it -- so that you can learn to love your life. Living with depression doesn't have to feel like you're stuck in a feeling that is impossible to escape. There are key strategies, attitudes, and new behaviors that will help you walk out of the fog and into a more satisfying life.

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Outsmart Your Anxiety

Dr. Cloud provides you with a plan for addressing anxiety, gives you actionable steps to identify triggers, and shares techniques for getting back in control of your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Don't let the panic attacks and anxious feelings make your life feel small. Follow this practical guidance toward a life that feels more calm and settled.

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The Power of the Other

During this three-hour workshop based on the bestselling book, you'll learn how to develop a network of support for a fruitful life. Dr. Cloud will explain how four key relationship types have the greatest influence on us. Step out of isolation, identify toxic traits, recognize inauthentic relationships and find true safety and life-giving love.

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Recover Well From Divorce

In this two-hour+ session, Dr. Henry Cloud helps you create a vision for your life after divorce, explains the feelings you are likely experiencing, and tells you how to add the structures that will aid in your healing process. Finally, Dr. Cloud will restore your hope so that you will be able to love again.

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Restoring Your Brokenness

There is no divide between an emotional problem and a spiritual problem. In this workshop, Dr. Cloud explains how the brokenness that we feel is a result of the intertwined pains caused by spiritual and emotional alienation. You'll learn practical tools for getting connected to networks of spiritual support and to the people who will help you crawl out of the negative spiral that our sense of brokenness can leave us in.

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Smash Your Goals with the Five Bucket System

Dr. Henry Cloud walks you through his personal 5-step process of creating a vision, developing a strategy, and executing the actionable steps that will allow you to realize your goals. Whether you want to lose weight or change careers, Dr. Cloud will walk you through the steps he uses to accomplish his goals.

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When Family Hurts

In this 2-hour plus workshop focused on fractured close and extended family relationships, Henry walks you through what functional family dynamics should look like, and discusses how and why some relationships break down. You'll receive practical tips and tools that you can use to repair broken relationships and navigate strained or complicated ones.

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Our Healing Parental Wounds workshop was a big help to a lot of folks. Find out what they learned!

The relationship between parent and child should provide love, protection, and guidance toward maturity and growth. Unfortunately, that doesn't always happen. The wounds that our parents give us during childhood may leave long-lasting scars that impact every area of our adult lives, from wariness of relationships, difficulty trusting, problems around emotional regulation, and much more.

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