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You'll get access to Boundaries.Me's 90+ video courses (and growing!), daily coaching videos, and our amazing online community. You'll also get early access to new features and content that we are developing. This is a $90 value on its own.


You'll get access to all of our past and future workshops, including Can I Trust You? (Feb 21, 2022), Mentally Healthy Faith: Dr. Cloud's Prescription for Spiritual Growth (April 12th, 2022), Recovering From Trauma (title tba, June 2022), Narcissism (date and time tba), plus more workshops in August, October, and December (topics tbd). Plus you'll get instant access to The Art of Confrontation, How to Get a Date Worth Keeping, The Marriage Equation, Outsmart Your Anxiety, Overcoming Depression, The Power of the Other, Recover Well From Divorce, Restoring Your Brokenness, and When Family Hurts. This is a $1,683 value.


  • Special January Q&A with Henry, just for Boundaries.Me Plus members.
  • Workshop guest pass (invite someone you care about to attend one of our workshops, on us).
  • Three 33% off workshop discount passes. It's essential that you build a strong and safe network of support. We want to help you do that.
  • Twelve individual monthly Boundaries.Me guest passes. Want to take a course with someone you care about? Or think Boundaries.Me could help someone you know? We've got you covered.
  • $306 value

Boundaries.Me Plus members get access to $2000 in value for $299


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