Discover Your Desires And Bring Them to Life

Sep 21, 2022
Do Not Bury Your Dreams

Your heart is an organ designed to have life flowing through it. Your mind is like that as well, as is your soul. They are not meant to be stagnant, with things buried in them, stuck there and not moving into the light of the outside world.

But to get to the outside visible world, those desires have to be found, watered, fertilized, and planted. In short, you have to own them, work them, and use them. Here are some tips on how to do that:

  • Listen to what bugs you. It might be a message.
  • Don’t let negative feelings just sit there. Do something about them.
  • Don’t let long-term wishes and dreams go ignored. Find out what they mean.
  • Listen to your symptoms. They might be telling you that you have something to dig up.
  • Pay attention to your fantasies. They may be telling you that something is missing that you need to resolve in appropriate ways.
  • Face the fears and obstacles that have caused you to bury your treasures.
  • Don’t confuse envy with desire. You may be envious of someone else’s life because you have lost touch with your own.
  • Do everything above in the context of your values and your community of people who are committed to guarding your heart. If you do not have such a community, find one and join it.

Ask God to help you find your heart, mind, soul, and the treasures he has placed there for you.

The message here is that successful people do not ignore the little signals that things are not quite right inside. They pay attention to what bugs them, drives their fantasies, delivers stress, or whatever signals make their way up through the weeds to consciousness. Often, the biggest sign that tells us of things buried in the heart is numbness and a life that is not alive. You need to proactively choose life… and if you do that, your heart, mind, and soul are always going to be getting attention. It also means that when you see those troublesome signs, you will be in a position to take action.

Grasp your dreams. Reach for them. Take appropriate risks. One of the worst things you can die with is potential. Die with failures before you die with potential. Potential is something to be realized, not guarded and protected. So, dig it up! Invest it! And you will find that it is true–life comes from the inside out.