How the Pandemic Has Affected Our Mental Health

Feb 11, 2021

In this clip from The Dr. Cloud Show, Dr. Henry Cloud speaks who a caller who talks about the depression and anxiety she’s faced in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Cloud explains that we were created with a framework that provides structure in our lives, and when the Coronavirus shut down the world, it took away the mechanisms we use to regain stability. 

Think of the way that we’re created. It’s much like a house.

First, it starts with the foundation, and our foundation is having connection. If we don’t have connections, people, relationships, the rest of us struggles.

After that, we have the frame of the house. Our “frame” comes from the principles and the truths that we believe in. They create maps for how we navigate life.

Once you build the frame, there’s the way you operate the house. How we “operate” is based on the things that we have control of.

COVID-19 has taken away everything we knew. Everything that you’re familiar with is suddenly gone. We lost our connections, our schedules, the way we operate, the things we have control over — all instantly gone.

Dr. Cloud goes on to talk about how shifts in our mindset can set the course for coming out resilient after crisis.

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