How to Find the Courage to Love Yourself

May 22, 2020

Negative thoughts have power. Everyone has them, but you don’t have to grab them and treat them like reality when they come into your mind. One of the most researched and proven techniques of changing moods is to dispute your negative thinking with the truth, and in this call from The Dr. Cloud Show, I talk about how this caller can take steps towards loving herself.

There are two things I tell this caller.

1. Observe what we're saying to ourselves. What are the thoughts I'm saying to myself? Am I respecting my needs when they come up, or how do I talk myself out of them? Get above the negative thoughts and take charge of what you're telling yourself.

2. Get around people who can reinforce positive messages. The word "encourage" literally means to put COURAGE into someone. Who are you going to make part of your good vibe tribe?

If you'd like me to coach you through this, we can work on it together right here.