How to Support a Loved One With Depression

Feb 09, 2021

If you’ve ever seen a friend or a loved one suffer from depression, you experience your own hurt as you see them struggle. You come from a genuine place when you think about just wanting them to get back to normal, that good place where they feel like themselves. The person who is in front of you is no longer the person you once knew, but a shell of themselves.

What do you do?

Depression and the symptoms that go along with it cause someone to withdraw. They could be the type to be “flaky,” and cancel plans at the last possible minute. You have a hard time understanding because you, too, have your own feelings. You just want the person you know to be ok — you desire to have a relationship with them. But it’s just not there. Part of you wants to give up and leave your the other person alone, and yet, you want to help, and you’re not sure how.

In this clip from The Dr. Cloud Show, Dr. Cloud talks to a caller who wanted to know how to help their friend with depression. After seeing their friend feel “down,” for a while, the caller wanted to know the best way to help.

If you or someone you know is struggling with depression, Dr. Cloud is hosting a 2-hour webinar on Feb. 17. Not only will he be talking about what depression is, but he’s also dedicating time to discuss what you can do to help a loved one going through it.

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