How to Take the Steps to Get Unstuck

Oct 30, 2020

Do you ever feel like you're stuck on a path that's not leading you where you feel you ought to be going? Sometimes we can get stuck in these comfortable grooves, which because they are familiar, feel safe, but maybe aren't actually all that good for us.

Change is hard. Often, change carries a fair amount of risk, and risk is something many of us avoid like the plague. However, it's important to consider when taking a risk might be worth it. Likewise, ponder whether what you need to gain a fresh perspective on your life, goals or relationships is just the right kind of change.

Part of recognizing this opportunity to improve your circumstances is just seeing the needs you have. You have to regularly undertake a self-evaluation and question whether your needs are being met, and whether you're going the direction you want to be going. If you're not, it may be time for a change.

Be vulnerable, be open. Other people often cannot see that you need emotional support, or that you're hurting. Be willing to reach out to others for the support and help that you need. Think about how you feel when people reach out to you for help. Helping feels good.

Challenge your own distorted thinking. In what ways are you not seeing things how they really are? Are you still looking through your 'childhood eyes' or from the perspective of a past relationship that causes you pain? Try to look at the world through the new perspective of the change you're trying to make. How does the world look then? What opportunities for growth and connection might you have been missing?

By reaching out to others, taking risks to connect and grow, and never settling for 'yesterday's perspective,' you can help yourself move forward in your life and relationships.

Change may not be easy, but without it, you may be stuck where you are. Do you want to be stuck where you are right now?