More Ways to I Can Help You

Nov 28, 2020

We’ve had a busy year at Boundaries.Me and this time of year is the perfect time to celebrate. As some of you may know, this is the time of year when we offer our best deals, and this year we are taking that further than we ever have before.

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This year we found many new ways to serve you, and we want you to be involved in all of the new and bigger things that we’re doing next year as well.

In 2021, some of these new features will be arriving first for our Lifetime and Annual members. For example, in February we will be launching a new approach to community with a live chat feature called Office Hours. That will be available first to our Lifetime and Annual members.

We’ll also be continuing our run of online Zoom workshops, which are available as a live event and then you can stream afterward. They are regularly priced $149 but our Lifetime members receive them for free, along with the other Lifetime Membership perks, such as being able to gift a free annual subscription when they purchase the lifetime membership.

We’ve also got some bigger updates coming but we’re not quite ready to share much about those. We definitely want you to be involved in all of this, so make this holiday season the time to commit to your personal growth!

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And for those of you who want to show someone that you care, or for those of you who want to reach out and offer someone a helping hand, we’ve made it easier than ever to purchase a one year gift subscription. This is perfect for people in every stage of life, whether they have recently graduated college but haven’t had a lot of life experience yet, whether they’re about to get married, or entering some new phase of life... help them learn the rules of the road.

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I hope this is a beautiful holiday season for you. One thing that we have seen over the last months is just how resilient and committed to positive growth you all are, and we are so proud to be in this moment with you.

So, this is just the first time I will say it, but let me just tell you right now:

Merry Christmas and happy holidays!