Stop the Negative Thinking Patterns from Spiraling in Your Mind

Sep 22, 2019

The minds of some people seem to work negatively all the time on just about everything. Whatever the event, problem or opportunity, they cast a dark light on it which discourages them and keeps them from the moves they need to make. For them, the glass is always half-empty, and the light at the end of the tunnel is always a train.


Research indicates that negative thinkers will key in on three basic areas of life: themselves, the world and the future. They see themselves as unlucky, even as losers who never get a break. They look at the world as unfriendly to them, oppressing their chances, and giving others more opportunity. They don’t see their future as positive and hopeful. It seems bleak and dark, with no hope to brighten up.

You may have tendencies toward negative thinking and not even be aware of them. You may think you are simply being realistic. You may even think, “Those positive thinkers are out of touch with reality. They live in the clouds and don’t understand life the way it really is.”

You can see how negative thinking can paralyze your ability to combat the culture of blame and prevent you from taking hold of your life in an exciting and change-producing way. Taking chances, risks and reaming great dreams takes energy and passion. That energy and passion gets sapped and drained when we are plagued by negative thinking. For example, suppose you want to improve your marriage, which is getting stale and humdrum. Maybe you’d like to recapture the intimacy and great feelings of your early days with your spouse.

But if you struggle with negative thinking, what do you come up against when you have these desires? You encounter thoughts like these: It’s too much work; I don’t have it in me anymore (myself —it’s more than I can handle). Besides, he won’t respond. he never has, and he’s happy with the way things are anyway (the world — that’s just the way things are). Better that I accept the way things are and get happiness in my work or the kids (the future — nothing will ever get better). Can you imagine a more complete shutdown of the energy and passion you need to attain your dream?

However, remember this one thing: just because you feel it or think it doesn’t mean it’s always true! Have the courage to question your mind. It is saying something, but maybe not what it should. Look at the negative thoughts as a signal of a problem, not a statement of ultimate truth.