The Wise Choice You Can Make Today

Nov 03, 2020

Today is a stressful day for a lot of people. You may see them freaking out on social media, talking about how the sky is falling, disowning their families, friends and coworkers. They're shouting louder than ever today. Maybe you are, too.

No matter what happens, or what you want to happen today, one thing is true: 

You will need your relationships more than ever.

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We are in the middle of hard times for reasons that go way beyond Election Day, pandemics or any other catastrophe on cable news today. In times when so many people are feeling a sense of doom, we need to be the light the shines. When so many are feeling lost and separated from others, we need to be the glue that joins. When so many people forget the things that really matter, we need to be the knotted string that reminds.

So, I would like to share with you some simple tools that I believe can help you get through hard times. They will help you fortify and build upon your best relationships, and they will help build up your inner strength and your sense of self-worth so that you can leave the bad ones behind, and move toward fruitful, life-giving ones. They will help you put the transcendent forces that REALLY matter first, and set aside the distractions.

These tools will give you the skills you need to get through good times and bad times, and I'm sharing them with you on Boundaries.Me.

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How much are your relationships worth to you?