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What Are Your Marriage's Values?

Jul 05, 2023

The age-old saying, 'what you value is what you're going to get' holds immense significance when applied to marriages. It's the individual values we embrace early on in the marriage that become the cornerstone for a fulfilling relationship. In essence, values, which carry weight and importance, shape our priorities and attitudes in our marital relationships. These values tend to supersede other elements, steering our course towards a satisfying union.

Have you ever asked yourself what your core values are in your marriage?

All too often, couples enter marriage with a single, high-value goal: happiness. But happiness is not a stand-alone entity; rather, it's the product of various other factors. I want to talk about the values that breathe life into boundaries and shape marriages, values proven to significantly improve relationship quality.

Are you curious about which values can truly bring happiness and stability in your marriage?

While we talk about values and boundaries, it's crucial to understand that they not only promote positivity but also serve a defensive function against negativity. Consider honesty, for instance. Valuing honesty in your relationship encourages behaviors such as openness, sharing, and being truthful. Simultaneously, it acts as a deterrent to dishonesty and deception.

Have you ever wondered how upholding values like honesty can impact your relationship?

Values serve as drivers of positive behaviors that yield fruitful outcomes in a marriage and limit negative behaviors that can cause harm. This fundamental understanding leads us to discuss boundaries. They aren't just about setting limits when someone hurts us or controlling harmful behaviors. In fact, at their core, boundaries define what you own and what you control.

Do you see the role of boundaries in your relationship beyond just setting limits?

In your marriage, both of you should understand that this relationship is something you both have complete control over. You decide the course it takes and the results it yields. Remember, the outcomes you find in your relationship are the fruits of what you create, be it good or bad. Hence, establishing clear boundaries and taking ownership of your relationship can lead to healthier dynamics.

Does the thought of taking ownership in your relationship intimidate you or make you feel more empowered?

A crucial element here is control, particularly self-control. Even before the marriage gets to define our relationship, each individual must focus on self-control, the aspect they can govern most. Each of us, instead of attempting to change the other, should look inward and control our actions. To strengthen our marital foundation, we need to embody our values and live them out.

Do you see the importance of self-control in maintaining harmony in your marriage?

Understanding and implementing the core values in a marriage creates a robust framework for a satisfying relationship. Among these values, self-control emerges as a key factor, indicating the necessity for personal growth alongside relationship development. Only by acknowledging our values and setting boundaries can we attain the desired happiness in a marriage.

Have you identified the core values that guide your relationship?

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