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Anthony ONeal

Episode 3 with Anthony ONeal

What do you NOT want to happen?

That question is where Anthony ONeal began his boundary setting, and it's a great place for anyone to start.

Anthony's story starts at a low point, which he was able to turn around dramatically after a key conversation about setting healthy boundaries. He decided two things: that he didn't want to be in debt, and that he only wanted to be in relationships with people that were going to push him forward in life. Two simple choices helped turn Anthony into a person who is making his dreams come true.

Since 2003, Anthony has helped hundreds of thousands of students make smart decisions with their money, relationships, and education. He’s a national best-selling author and travels the country spreading his encouraging message to help teens and young adults start their lives off right. His latest book, Debt Free Degree, launches October 2019. You can follow Anthony on YouTube and Instagram @AnthonyONeal and online at or

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