Reconciliation & Estrangement

Knowing How to Mend... And When to Move On


Join Dr. Henry Cloud on April 16th at 4 PM Pacific Time for a workshop that will help you resolve one of life's most difficult problems.

Being estranged from someone you once were close to can be a painful reality to live in. Should you reconcile? When? How? How can we fix the pain of estrangement? Does it get easier? What is my role in this process? What is mine to own? What should I do?

Dr. Cloud wants to help you navigate this terrain. 

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Reconciliation may be possible if you want it. But how?

Join us for an insightful and compassionate workshop led by bestselling author, practicing clinical psychologist, and acclaimed speaker Dr. Henry Cloud, focusing on the delicate and often challenging themes of reconciliation and estrangement. In this nurturing space, Dr. Cloud will guide you through the intricate journey of understanding when and how to mend broken relationships, and equally important, recognizing when it is time to move forward separately.

This workshop is designed to equip you with the essential skills to discern if reconciliation is a safe and viable option, and if so, how to navigate the path of mending bonds with care and understanding. For those situations where reconciliation may not be possible, Dr. Cloud will provide expert advice on how to embrace the reality of moving on, ensuring that you do so with grace and the ability to continue with your own growth.

Whether you are seeking to rebuild a relationship or find peace in letting go, this workshop promises a warm, empathetic environment filled with trusted guidance from the leading expert in the field.

2+ hour workshop with Henry

You can watch the workshop live on Zoom or stream it later at your convenience (and watch it as many times as you want).

Get the Answers You Need

Hang out after the workshop content is finished and ask Henry questions about your particular situation. We will respect your privacy too.

Outline and Workbook

Follow along with Henry's robust outline and use it to refer back to. An extensive workbook will help you put the material to work in your own life.

Don't settle for the suffering and uncertainty you're living with now.


Relationship is the fuel of life, but sometimes relationships are broken.


You need to know how and whether to reconcile and how to continue growing no matter what happens.


Dr. Henry Cloud can help you to know when it's time to mend what is broken, and when it is time to make peace with the past so that you can move toward a brighter future.

Learn the practical skills and timeless wisdom that will empower you to continue growing, and to continue pouring into the relationships that will fuel you.


Break free from uncertainty

Stop wondering whether you (or they) have made a mistake. Live securely with the knowledge of where you stand and what a safe future looks like.


Ditch the wrong ways that are making the problem worse

Discover the structures and ways of being that allow you to make the best choices for the health of your relationships. What needs to change?


Learn what works 

Sound advice from a professional. Dr. Cloud has helped millions of people get to the next level in life.


Dr. Cloud wants you to have safe and healthy relationships for a life of thriving. You deserve to feel better!

Join Dr. Cloud on April 16th at 4 PM Pacific Time – or stream it later

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