Here’s what you’ll learn in Boundaries.Me:

  • How to create freedom from narcissists, controllers, guilt-trippers, shamers and manipulators 
  • How to recognize spiritual abuse 
  • How to stand up to someone who gaslights you
  • How to break free from codependent habits
  • How to say no to toxic people
  • How to honor your feelings
  • How to find safe, healthy relationships
  • How to make life-giving decisions
  • How to address fear and anxiety
  • How to have a difficult conversation

Here's what you’ll get:

  • A PRIVATE, members-only online community and discussion group to help you grow, connect and relate. 
  • NEW courses from Dr. Henry Cloud, with topics addressing boundary setting, narcissism, codependency, gaslighting, safe relationships, toxic behaviors, difficult conversations, guilt, fear, time and energy, and so much more!
  • NEW tools, assessments, and audio lessons to accompany courses and lessons.

Here's what others are saying:

"I want to say that this is the absolute best $9 that I spend. I am growing and learning beyond measure. Even though I had read the book many times and had several copies, Dr. Cloud’s teaching has made so much difference. It is a blessing from God for me. I feel empowered, humbled, and very grateful."

"I love I’m on a limited income, yet this is one of the greatest investments I have ever made. I’m a lifelong learner, so this is like taking super enjoyable classes!"

Before Boundaries.Me, it was like drinking muddy water. Sure, I got water, but there was other stuff in my life that I felt kept me from ever being able to drink good refreshing water. teaches me that I can have a filter for the water of life that I drink. The online content and community provide a safe place where my filter is fortified and refined because I am able to gain perspective and insight to the particles of mud that are still in my water and what needs to be adjusted to keep the bad out and let the good through."

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