Overcoming the Past
with Dr. Henry Cloud
11/20/23 – watch live or stream it later

2+ hour workshop with Henry

You can watch the workshop live on Zoom or stream it later at your convenience (and watch it as many times as you want).

Get the Answers You Need

Hang out after the workshop content is finished and ask Henry questions about your particular situation. We will respect your privacy too.

Outline and Workbook

Following with Henry's robust outline and use it to refer back to. An extensive workbook will help you put the material to work in your own life.

Dr. Henry Cloud can help you overcome your past emotional wounds

Do you feel like there is a sadness in your life that you can't get past? Is there traumas and pain that you don't want to ignore any longer?

Whatever you're struggling with, Dr. Cloud can help.

Dr. Cloud has sold nearly 20 million books, spoken to sold out arenas, and advised Fortune 100 CEOs, world leaders, and professional athletes.

But with this workshop, the focus is on you. This is the same practical wisdom that Henry offers clients, family and friends, and everyone he wants to help live life the way God intended for it to be lived.

Don't let yourself be held back from happiness by the pain, mistakes, regrets, and difficult relationships of the past.



Here are the ingredients:




The Right Wisdom


The Right Actions


Don't let yourself stay stuck in the patterns that led you to feeling this way. You can feel whole again, you can love freely and offer your trust to those who deserve it.

With Dr. Cloud's help, you can reclaim your past experience and learn the lessons it has to offer in order to move toward a brighter future.


Break free from frustration

Know what's working and what's not, and how to restore function and create healthy patterns to move past hopelessness.


Ditch the wrong ways that are making the problem worse

Discover the structures that allow us to be resilient and thrive. What needs to change or be different?


Learn what works 

Sound advice from a professional. Dr. Cloud has helped millions of people get to the next level in life.


Learn to move beyond the pain that's holding you back. You are not stuck in the past. Dr. Cloud can help you get to that better future!

Join Dr. Cloud on November 20th at 4 PM Pacific Time – or stream it later

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