Webinars & Workshops with Dr. Henry Cloud

Dr. Henry Cloud's online workshops and webinars are designed to be a deep dive on a specific topic or objective. 

Overcoming Depression

In this two-hour live and streaming event, Dr. Henry Cloud explains how to develop a plan for addressing your depression. You'll learn the action steps to identify the factors that underlie your depression, and become empowered through techniques that will help you overcome it -- so that you can learn to love your life. 


Overcoming Anxiety

In this two-hour discussion, Dr. Henry Cloud provides you with a plan for addressing anxiety, creates actionable steps to identify triggers, and describes the techniques for getting back in control of your thoughts, feelings, and actions. 


Recover Well from Divorce

In this two-hour conversation, Dr. Henry Cloud helps you create a vision for your life after divorce, explains the feelings you experience and tells you how to add structure that will aid in your healing process.


The Power of The Other

In this three-hour workshop, Dr. Henry Cloud will help you develop a network of support for a fruitful life by explaining the four key relationships that have the greatest influence on us. Learn how to come out of isolation, identify toxic traits, recognize inauthentic relationships and find true safety and love. 


The 5 Bucket System

In this two-hour workshop, Dr. Henry Cloud helps you crush your goals by taking you through his personal 5-step process of creating a vision, developing a strategy, and executing the actionable steps that will lead you to success. Whether you want to lose weight or change careers, Dr. Cloud will take you through the same system he uses with his clients and family.


Get Over Goal Obstacles 

Dr. Henry Cloud explains the researched-backed process for keeping your New Year's Resolutions and goals. You’ll learn how to avoid and correct common mistakes, apply the right strategies and structures, and fix and adapt when you face unexpected obstacles. Join this webinar, and let’s celebrate a new year with new goals and new ways to reach them.


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