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Let Dr. Henry Cloud guide you to better mental health and relationships

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Let Dr. Cloud guide you to better mental health and relationships


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"I wanted to create a service that felt like a university for the most important lessons in life so that people can get free from dysfunction."

Dr. Henry Cloud

Boundaries.Me has helped over 49,000 people... and counting!

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"Good and Sound Counsel"

I'm so glad that I have found! Such quality and good and sound counsel. If you’ve had a hard time finding access to good counseling, this is the next best thing.

"Enhance Your Relationships" promotes personal growth and skills to live your best life - being the best version of yourself. It helps enhance your relationships and move through life with confidence to make wise decisions.

"Incredible Resource"

This is an incredible resource. As a Registered Provisional Psychologist, and mother of two ... the content  at Boundaries.Me has deeply enriched both my professional and parenting life.

"Most comprehensive"

When you're really ready and serious about growing as a person with varying emotional issues or in your relationships, your personal career goals, this is the most comprehensive material available in an easy to use format, at your own pace. Thank you Dr. Cloud and all the staff!!! So grateful!

"Beacon of hope"

In the journey of this life, we experience trauma. Dr. Cloud shares his wisdom and guides us so that we can let go of what binds and holds us back. In a world filled with so many “help cliches,” his insight is a beacon of hope for anyone who wants to heal and truly live life free of the trauma.

"At peace in life"

If I did not learn about boundaries in the first place, I think I would still be having unexplained psychological issues. I have learned to take responsibility for my feelings, and now understand my boundaries and how to be at peace in life especially with things that are in my control. My life has really changed.

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What you'll do on Boundaries.Me

Learn Skills with our courses

Dr. Cloud teaches you how to be a happier, more effective, more secure, and more confident person. The site offers individual learning paths and over 100 self-paced video courses in the areas of life that matter most: your relationships, emotions and feelings, and performance.

Daily Coaching From Dr. Cloud

You're busy. The daily One Thing video coaching series is the most popular feature on our site because it puts Henry right in your corner, helping you start the day ready to grow. These 2-3 minute videos enable you to get the most out of the site, without the pressure to commit too much time.

Tools to Apply the Lessons

We've created workbooks, visual aids, games, video exercises, scripts and a wide variety of supplemental content to help you put this content to use in any context of your life. You can use the tools by yourself, with a partner, or in a group setting.

Feel the Support of a Private Community

As Henry likes to say, "We're building herd immunity against dysfunction!" We offer a private, members only community of people who will root for your success. Share your wins and your struggles, get a boost from the best growth community on the web.

Ask Dr. Cloud

As a member of the Boundaries.Me community, you’ll have the chance to privately email a question for Henry to answer on The Dr. Cloud Show. You can even remain anonymous. 

 Pick Your Path

Select your path or let us help you decide! Dr. Henry Cloud will speak wisdom into each lesson and give you actionable steps that will aid in your journey. You can work at a pace that's comfortable for you. 

Protect Yourself from Toxic People

Dr. Henry Cloud addresses the toxic traits of unsafe people, and you’ll be equipped with a strong sense of how to set and uphold boundaries with toxic people and behaviors. Learn how to stand up to the people who project guilt, shame and anger by learning the right things to say, the best consequences to use and the healthy people to allow into your life.

Other lessons include: Facing Controlling Relationships, Entitlement, Emotional Abuse, Codependency, How to Avoid Drama, Hope, Necessary Endings, Revenge, and Forgiveness.

Personal Growth

Dr. Cloud shows you how to acquire the boundaries-based skills you need to become the kind of person who reaches their goals. You’ll be guided through the common, avoidable roadblocks that knock you off course. Learn tips for anxiety, overcoming fear and get out of the negative thinking patterns that hold you back from pursuing the desires of your heart.

Other lessons include: Boundaries with Yourself, How to Say No, Creating a Vision, The Growth Mindset, Accountability, Resilience, Processing Pain, Grief, How to Deal with Anger, Owning Your Time and Energy, Strengths and Weaknesses, Getting Unstuck and How to Ask for Help 

Grow in Your Relationships

Dr. Cloud provdes you with the skills, behaviors and mindsets that will help you build your relationships into life-giving and life-sustaining sources. Learn about the patterns that are present in all relationships that thrive and set goals to work towards them.

Other lessons include: How to Create a Vision for Your Relationship, How to Set Boundaries in Your Relationships, How to Be a Better Listener and How to Grow in Your Marriage

Dr. Cloud has helped millions of people live the life they are supposed to be living. Now it's your turn.

Having sold nearly 20 million books, spoken to sold-out arenas, and with a lifetime of celebrated clinical experience, Dr. Cloud has shifted his focus to creating the premiere online destination for personal growth. These are the same techniques Dr. Cloud uses with his own family, Fortune 100 CEOs, and professional athletes. You deserve to live life as God designed it to be.

With Boundaries.Me, now you can.

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